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About the Pledge

Perinatal mood disorders are common health concerns for many expectant or new mothers. However, the majority of women suffering from these medical illnesses go unrecognized and untreated.Perinatal mood disorders may affect any expectant or postpartum mom regardless of age, marital status, race, education or income. First time mothers as well as women who have had more than one child may experience significant depression or anxiety in the weeks and months after giving birth. Despite occurring in nearly 20% of all postpartum mothers, the illness often remains unrecognized and untreated. This is, in part, because many new moms are reluctant to discuss feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed in the weeks and months after giving birth. Many women feel ashamed that they are not as joyful as they think they should be, or feel that by acknowledging these feelings they may be viewed negatively. Untreated, these illnesses may have lifelong implications for both the mother and the child.

When a new mother feels comfortable enough to ask for help it can make all of the difference. But, often, she does not feel comfortable enough. So, please... Ask the Question. With the right treatment and support, these mothers can go on to feel well and fully enjoy all the benefits new motherhood has to offer.

For more information about perinatal mood disorders, or about the Ask the Question campaign, please call: (516/718) 470-4-MOM

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