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Categories and Instructions




The Annual Academic Competition was established to encourage the writing of professional papers, the creation of posters and to promote the utilization of the Health Sciences Library in support of patient care, education, continuing professional development and research. Awards will be presented to acknowledge outstanding academic achievement across all departments at the participating hospitals.




The competition is open to residents, fellows, nurses and allied health professionals in student programs, and affiliated students of the clinical campuses of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System. Doctoral students at the Feinstein Institute’s Graduate School of Molecular Medicine are eligible for the Basic Science or Clinical Science Research categories. Abstracts will be grouped and judged based on classifications defined below. Papers may be submitted for publication or “In Press” but not already published by date of abstract submission. Posters may have been presented at a professional meeting during the 2008-2009 academic year. The first author of each abstract must be a member of one of the categories of eligible participants.

Prizes will be awarded in each of the three classificiations:
A. Residents, Fellows, and Medical Students
B. Graduate Students from the Feinstein Institute
C. Nurses and Allied Health professionals currently enrolled in the student programs and students in clinical rotations in the Health System.


Initial Submissions


All initial submissions must be submitted on the official Competition Abstract Form (located on HealthPort under the Education & Research tab, Academic Day section). Authors must indicate whether they are entering the abstract for the poster or the paper competition. Participants are limited to submitting either two papers, two posters or a poster and a paper. Finalists for posters and papers will be notified via email during the last week of February. The deadline for the submission of full papers will be March 30th. Posters are due on May 14th – the NSLIJ Academic Day. All poster first authors must be in attendance that day to present their posters to the judges.




All abstracts must be no more than 350 words utilizing Times New Roman size 12 font, single spaced and contain the required information described on the next page. Abstracts should not include figures, tables or references. Abstracts for studies in progress, without results and conclusions, may be judged accordingly. The individual submitting the abstract must be the eligible first author. The subject is at the discretion of the author, but should be based on work or educational experience connected with the clinical campuses. Abstracts submitted by Classification A participants will be judged and prizes awarded according to the following categories:

  • Basic Science Research
  • Case Reports
  • Clinical Science Research
  • Educational Outcomes Research
  • Literature and Clinical Topic Reviews

Abstracts submitted by Classification B participants will be limited to Basic Science or Clinical Science Research. Abstracts submitted by Classification C participants will be judged and prizes awarded as one group, although one of the above categories must still be designated. The judges may withhold an award if no paper or poster in a category is found to merit an award.


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