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Alumni Affairs Program

About the Alumni Program:

The Office of Academic Affairs has officially launched an Alumni Affairs program. This is the first formal and major effort within the health system to create a program that enables the health system to remain connected with the many talented and outstanding graduates who have successfully completed a North Shore- LIJ Health System training program.

As the program continues to develop we look forward to the launch of an alumni portal. By visiting the portal, alumni members will be able to activate and update their “alumni profiles”, search for current job opportunities within the health system, network with former colleagues and learn about resources that will be available to them as alumni members.

Mission Statement: The Hofstra North Shore- LIJ Health System alumni affairs program aims to foster and maintain a continued relationship between the organization and its graduate physicians and students. We seek to provide our alumni with valuable information, resources and opportunities which will serve to further facilitate professional advancement, growth, continued scholarship and collegiality.
In doing so we create a solid network of physicians who have been trained by the highest standards of excellence and are easily identified in the community and abroad.

Contact Us:
Contact the alumni affairs program at:

Cheryl Spence,
Office of Academic Affairs
Manager of Alumni Affairs& GME Physician Recruitment

Send an e-mail to the alumni affairs office with your current contact information. We will be sure to update our contact list and keep you abreast of all alumni affairs happenings


Message from Michael Dowling, President and CEO

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