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Dental Pediatric Dentistry Elective at LIJMC

Course Director:

Ronald W. Kosinski, DMD
Assistant Clinical Professor

Students will receive extensive training in pediatric dentistry through clinical experience and seminars during their elective. A majority of the didactic components of the program will be through pediatric dental and orthodontic seminars, treatment planning sessions and literature review conferences. Clinical curriculum includes:

  1. Clinical practice in pediatric dentistry
  2. Preventive, interceptive and comprehensive training in orthodontics, including exposure to patients with significant dentofacial deformities
  3. Behavior management techniques and exposure to oral and parenteral
    conscious sedationon an out-patient basis
  4. Dental care for the developmentally disabled
  5. Management of trauma to the head and neck
  6. Ambulatory and in-patient management including operating room experience
  7. Emergency Room exposure

The student will learn to apply various behavior management techniques in the course of providing dental care for the well child and to learn to select the appropriate modalities of management for the child with mental retardation and/or associated developmental disabilities. Many of these special patients require pharmacologic management in the ambulatory or in-patient setting. The student will participate in pre-operative preparation, treatment of patients under general anesthesia and post-operative management. Students will also be introduced to orthodontic evaluation, treatment planning and therapy as part of the pediatric dental experience.

The major goals and objectives of this pediatric dental medicine elective are to gain an appreciation for the scope and diversity of pediatric dentistry. Through clinical experiences and a well defined didactic component, the student will be introduced to hospital dentistry and the management and treatment of the pediatric dental patient.

Department Contact

Bonita Passarella
Department of Dental Medicine
Long Island Jewish Medical Center
270-05 76th Avenue
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Phone: (718) 470-7120
E-mail: bpassare@lij.edu

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