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Dermatology Elective

Applications from external rotators are accepted through VSAS only.

The dermatology elective provides students with the opportunity to develop fundamental clinical skills in the evaluation and management of patients with diseases of the integument. This is primarily an ambulatory experience in which students will participate in general and subspecialty dermatology clinics. Students will also have frequent exposures to acute presentations on the dermatology consultative service. Clinical training will be supported by a self-directed problem based curriculum in dermatology.

The clinical care team is typically comprised of an attending physician and a medical student. In some cases, a resident physician or a fellow will also be part of the care team. The attending serves as the supervisor in all scenarios. Students will have an active role in the evaluation and management of patients. Students will evaluate patients through a history, physical exam, and medical chart and laboratory data reviews. The student will be expected to discuss their findings, differential diagnosis, work up and the initial management plan with the attending. The student may assist in the coordination of follow-up care or care with other providers as deemed necessary.

Students will be asked to review course materials. It is expected that students will prepare for, attend and participate in student-centered small group sessions.

Students will be evaluated by their supervisors with input from other care team members. The method of assessment is direct observation of performance in clinical care and curricular settings. Students will meet with the elective director at the elective midpoint for formative feedback and at the end of elective for summative evaluation.

Students on a four week elective who have an interest in the community based dermatology practice experience may have an opportunity to spend a portion of the elective in an approved private practice setting.

Elective Director: Jeanine Daly, MD
Elective Coordinator: Holly Koehler, MBA
Phone: 516-719-3753
Email: hkoehler@nshs.edu

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