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Faculty and Nursing Student Orientation Program

Welcome to NSLIJHS. Nursing students and faculty must complete an on-line nursing faculty and nursing student on-line orientation.

The orientation has three parts:

After you review the module please take the post-test and sign the attestation statement. Your instructor will review the test with you and answer any questions about the material. You will need to give these completed documents to your instructor/faculty member before the first clinical day. Best wishes for a successful clinical experience!

Nursing Faculty must click and complete the “Faculty Clinical Affililiation Documentation Tools.”

Nursing faculty and student orientation website:


NSLIJHS Flu Portal:

All nursing faculty and nursing students participating in clinical/field experiences at a NSLIJHS site (including physician’s offices, home care, ambulatory centers, etc.) must have their flu status entered into the flu portal.

A school respresentative will enter the faculty and students’ information, prior to beginning the clinical/field experience. 

To to set-up a flu portal username and password please contact:

Contact: Tonya Lawrence, RN – Institute for Nursing -System Educator
Phone: 718-470-8806
Email address: tlawrenc@nshs.edu


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