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Infectious Disease Elective at LIJMC

Course Director:

Carol F. Singer, MD
Professor of Medicine

A four-week (or longer, if arranged) elective in Infectious Diseases is offered at LIJ. A full-time attending conducts rounds each day with members of the House team (a Fellow, one or more House Officers, one or more medical students and a pharmacokineticist). During the elective, the student will be supervised by both the Infectious Diseases Fellow and the attending.

Clinical Experience

In-patients: The in-patient consultations encompass a wide variety of problems in clinical Infectious Diseases. Approximately 100-110 new patients are evaluated by the Infectious Diseases Services monthly. These are divided among the members of the clinical team. Students are expected to fully evaluate each patient and develop a plan. Each case is presented to the clinical team. These cases provide the basis for both informal and formal teaching. During Attending Rounds a variety of topics are discussed, including antibiotic usage, basic infectious disease problems such as pneumonia, endocarditis, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, infections in compromised patients, meningitis and many others. These patients are seen daily by the student until the infectious disease problem is resolved. Each patient is discussed daily with the attending. X-rays, CT scans and MRI's are reviewed with attending radiologists.


Conferences are held each week for members of the clinical teams. These include:

A guest of national prominence invited to speak once a month. These lecturers are chosen for their ability as a speaker as well as for the nature of the topic discussed.

Case conferences are held twice a month. The Infectious Disease Fellows present interesting cases at these conferences and discuss specific aspects of each case. In general, an overview of each topic is discussed.

Journal Club is held once a month.

Long Island Infectious Diseases Society (LIIDS) — students are invited to attend this monthly meeting (held form 5:30 to 7:30 PM at LIJ) at which various hospitals on Long Island present interesting cases as "unknowns." These conferences are not only interesting but educational.


Pertinent aspects of Microbiology are discussed on a daily basis. Gram Stains, cultures, parasitology specimens and other interesting laboratory aspects are reviewed and discussed.

Reading in Infectious Diseases

A reading list will be provided for those in the elective. This includes basic textbooks and some of the more important contributions in the Infectious Diseases literature. In addition, students are encouraged to do independent reading on topics related to patients they are seeing and other topics of interest. Periodically, students will be given pertinent articles to supplement their basic reading.

Department Contact

Marie Ilagan
Medical Student Coordinator
Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Research Building B214
270-05 76th Avenue
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Phone: (718) 470-7295
Fax: (718) 470-0827
E-mail: milagan@nshs.edu

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