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Medical Student Program

Medical students from Albert Einstein, NYCOM, and SUNY Downstate consistently rate their psychiatric rotation through the Department of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry at LIJ Medical Center extremely highly. The reputation of this student rotation is based on one-to-one learning and encouraging medical students to take on clinical responsibilities in a team setting. The rotation aims to allow students who are interested in psychiatry to explore their curiosity and to give solid psychiatric skills to those students intending on pursuing other specialties.

Each medical student is assigned to a team and is expected to participate in daily ward rounds. Students are allocated patients and they are expected to follow those patients on a daily basis, recording follow-ups in a logbook. Case write-ups form the core of the clinical assessment — students report attaining a great degree of intellectual stimulation from researching and writing up these cases. It is not uncommon for students to discover previously unknown facts about the patient that shed insight on the case.

The teaching program includes a series of lectures on Consultation Liaison Psychiatry topics. Other activities include a lively journal club that includes a complementary lunch and a Friday case conference that always promotes stimulating debates.

The outpatient service follows patients in treatment after their discharge from the general hospital and also treats patients referred from the ambulatory care clinics of the general hospital who have combined psychiatric medical problems.

For further information, please contact:

Jerry Chang, MD, Director
Medical Student Education
Department of Psychiatry
Hillside Hospital
75-59 263rd Street
Glen Oaks, NY 11004
(718) 470-8384

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