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Neurology Elective at NSLIJHS

Course Director

Ronald Kanner, MD

This rotation provides experience on an active clinical neurology service. Students see in-patients and out-patients perform clinical evaluations including detailed neurological examinations and review medical findings with senior residents and attending physicians. For out-patient experience, the students attend the General Neurology Clinic, the Epilepsy Clinic, the Muscular Dystrophy Clinic and the Movement Disorder Clinic. There is a regular schedule of clinical, neuropathologic and didactic conferences in addition to teaching rounds on the in-patient service. Students are provided with a faculty tutor for the duration of the rotation and together they review a structured series of clinical problems designed to provide an overview of the most important disorders affecting the nervous system (e.g., coma, seizures, cerebrovascular disease and dementia).

Here are a few tips to make the most of the rotation:

  1. Review neuroscience
  2. Learn the neurology exam
  3. Learn to localize
  4. Read, read, read (you should generally carry at least one textbook with you at all times)

Note, a minimum of four weeks attendance is required for this rotation.


Ronald Kanner, MD
Chairman and Program Director

Andrew Feigen, MD

Karen Blitz, MD

Marc L. Gordon, MD

Alexis Demopoulous, MD

Sanjay Jain, MD

Robert Duarte, MD

Jeffrey Katz, MD

David Eidelberg, MD

Richard Libman, MD

Kenneth R. Einberg, MD

Jeffrey Nelson, MD

Alan Ettinger, MD

Allam Patil, MD

Michael Pourfar, MD

Noah Rosen, MD

Lyubov Rubin, MD

Guy Schwartz, MD

S. Murthy Vishnubhakat, MD

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