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Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Elective at LIJMC

Course Director:

Vincent Bonagura, MD
Professor of Pediatrics

The clinical clerkship is designed to expose the student to the clinical aspects of the normal immune system, primary and secondary immunodeficiency, asthma and clinical aspects of Bone Marrow Transplantation. The student will acquire skills in history taking, complete physical examinations and diagnoses of childhood immunology and allergic diseases. The student will participate in the differential diagnosis, laboratory work-up and evaluation of patients with recurrent infections, recurrent fever or unknown systemic disease. The student will learn and understand the concepts of cell mediated and humoral immunity and mechanism of host defense. He/she will observe and learn basic immunologic lab tests including NBT, lymphocyte proliferation assays and quantitative immunoglobulins. The student will attend clinics as well as participate in and attend research conferences, Journal Clubs and teaching rounds. Participation in a clinical research project or limited laboratory basic science project will be encouraged.

More details about each pediatric clerkship offered can be found here.

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