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PMR Elective at LIJMC

The objective of these electives is for the student to gain a broad educational experience in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) by working in various clinical out-patient and in-patient settings. Students are an important part of the PM&R team and are expected to become fully involved with our program at the various clinical sites. Electives are available at Long Island Jewish Hospital, North Shore University Hospital, Southside Hospital and Glen Cove Hospital and at related out-patient offices.

At Long Island Jewish Hospital the student attends sessions at our out-patient center to learn about a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurologic disabilities. The student will also become familiar with physical therapy treatments and the rehabilitation of the sub-acute rehabilitation population.

The experience at Southside Hospital emphasizes in-patient rehabilitation on a general in-patient unit and an in-patient brain injury unit. The student will participate in weekly team conferences and follow up clinics. They will have the opportunity to observe electrodiagnostic studies and interventional spine procedures.

Glen Cove hospital is home to the internationally known Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Institute that features state-of-the-art programs in joint replacement and an all-inclusive spine program, as well as rehabilitative treatment in neurological disorders.

A minimum of four weeks attendance is recommended in order to participate in all aspects of the course, though requests for shorter electives will be considered.


Department Contact

Victoria Ruiz
Residency/Student Coordinator
Phone: (516) 465-8729


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