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Preceptor Workshop

Preceptor Development Program Workshop

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the philosophy of the Preceptor Development Program
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective preceptor
  • Apply discussed theories to practice
  • Identify factors that affect the learner’s learning process and strategies to enhance the learning experience
  • Identify several strategies to promote critical thinking.
  • Identify the TeamSTEPPS strategies for communication and information exchange applicable during precepting
  • Demonstrate how to constructively evaluate through feedback
  • Collaboratively set goals with orientee
  • Describe the NSLIJHS orientation process for new hires
  • Identify the preceptor responsibilities for orientation
  • Identify available resources for preceptor development

Course Description

This program is designed to provide preceptors with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective preceptors. The preceptor will be able to utilize the knowledge gained in this program to assist in the orientation of the newly hired nurse. Completion of the online preceptor development program is a requirement to register and attend this program.

Content of the workshop includes but not limited to philosophy of precepting, styles and types of different learners, precepting techniques, teaching learning process, and communication skills. During the workshop preceptors will have an opportunity to apply content and key strategies from the online preceptor development program and workshop to real life situations as they would occur between preceptor and orientee in the clinical area. 

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