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Pre-Fellowship Training

Fellowship programs are offered by 13 of the divisions in the Department of Pediatrics at the Children's Medical Center. Because of the size of the center, most of those programs have a large number of sub-specialty faculty, who provide a comprehensive range of expertise and the critical mass necessary to stimulate the decision-making skills of the residents.

Residents have the opportunity to elect a 4 week block rotations in the sub-specialties of their choice. During these rotations residents are instructed in a "core curriculum" designed by the faculty to provide them with the training in the most common issues confronted in each field. In addition, residents who plan to go on to fellowship training may choose a specific mentor in that field at any time during residency. They also have the opportunity to pair up with a sub-specialty pediatrician on an on-going research project, or one of their own choosing. Finally, pre-fellowship residents may choose to spend one-half day per week during 2nd and 3rd year in a subspecialty clinic, in order to expand their knowledge of the field, and to enhance their credentials for applying to a fellowship program.

Residents seeking subspecialty training have been very successful in securing positions in the sub-specialty program of their choice, either at the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center or at renown institutions both locally and nationally.



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