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The Patient Safety Institute

Innovation At Work

The Patient Safety Institute (PSI) was established to provide state of the art learning for healthcare professionals and is accredited in the areas of Assessment, Teaching, and Systems Integration by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. The U.S. Institute of Medicine estimated that 100,000 people die every year from medical errors and hospital-acquired infections. The North Shore-Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Health System believes that that number is unacceptable. The health system has created a goal of zero tolerance for medical errors and infections and believes that clinical training plays a key role.

The PSI, part of the CLI, features a human simulation lab that includes PC-based interactive, virtual reality technology, digitally-enhanced mannequins. Full-scale patient simulators help a wide variety of healthcare practitioners and students to diagnose and manage clinical problems without risk to real patients.

Simulation to Improve Healthcare

Training scenarios at PSI can replicate situations in multiple medical environments including a critical care unit, emergency department or operating room. Acute medical situations are planned, rehearsed, reviewed and studied, leading to a direct improvement in a healthcare professional's performance in life-saving situations.

The Institute is able to create new and realistic methods of learning. Using a computer, trained instructors in control rooms with one-way mirrors can manipulate the patient simulators to mimic virtually any medical scenario - a stroke, heart attack, smallpox, or trauma. All simulations are video recorded and reviewed during post-scenario debriefings. The mannequins look and feel real and are anatomically correct. Clinicians can take vital signs; insert intravenous lines and practice inserting breathing tubes, as well as perform many medical procedures.

The simulation lab offers an environment that is adaptable to all clinical levels and allied health professions. Although some courses are designed for specific clinical specialists (e.g. Nurses, Physicians, Technicians, etc.), other courses are designed to incorporate the team approach found in actual clinical settings. North Shore-LIJ's Patient Safety Institute also provides mass disaster training for hospitals and first responders. Training includes courses on managing casualties from chemical, biological and radiological exposure, as well as natural disasters.



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William Randolph Hearst Critical Care Nurse Fellowship Program

As part of its dedication to excellence in critical care nursing, North Shore-LIJ is pleased to offer the William Randolph Hearst Critical Care Nurse Fellowship Program. Read the Brochure (PDF)

The Patient Safety Institute
E-mail: PSI@nshs.edu

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The Patient Safety Institute
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