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"I'm not invisible anymore. I feel like my heart, mind and body finally match each other."
Karen - Flushing, NY -- Lost 107 lbs.
(North Shore University Hospital)


"After attending a seminar and speaking to former patients of Dr. Gadaleta's, I was sold and became very excited to pursue this new lease on life. Since having the surgery and losing weight, I've been able to give up my blood pressure medication and the machine I used to treat my sleep apnea. I can now partake in exercise and my self-esteem has increased. I feel bariatric surgery saved my life." 

Peter - Bayside, NY -- Lost 180 lbs.
(North Shore University Hospital)

"In the spring of 2005, I weighed almost 400 lbs. and was close to dying from an undiagnosed thyroid condition. Plus, I suffered from sleep apnea, arthritis of the knees and spine, severe acid reflux, high cholesterol and asthmatic symptoms. Lap-Band® weight loss surgery at Syosset Hospital jump-started my journey to health and saved my life!

“Now, all of those medical issues have been resolved. I am the 2010 Long Island Woman’s Trail Running Champion in the 45-49 age group and take belly dancing and yoga lessons to enhance my fitness. In fact, I have my own fitness consulting business and am certified as a fitness professional, including advanced certification in working with people with specialized medical needs.

“I reached deep within the core of my being to pull out the treasure of health – Lap-Band surgery allowed me to grab it, keep it and appreciate it!”

Dorothy D., Huntington, NY – Lost 250 lbs. (Syosset Hospital)


“I took the first step toward changing my health and my life when I learned about bariatric weight loss surgery at Syosset Hospital through my primary care physician. I had been losing and gaining weight, with no real sustained loss and then a friend's daughter had weight loss surgery, which made this a possibility. Now my blood pressure has come down, I can walk up and down stairs, I have a lot more energy and I'm even finishing 5K races."
Joe R., Lindenhurst, NY – Lost 250 lbs.(Syosset Hospital)


“When I looked at photos taken at my 26th birthday party, I finally weighed myself and saw, with disbelief, that I was 275 lbs. I chose the Center for Bariatric Surgical Specialties at Syosset Hospital as the place for my weight-loss surgery because it is a Center of Excellence and one of the most experienced programs in the New York metro area. After I attended one of their seminars, I knew that I could turn my life around and become the person I've wished to be all my life! Now I'm more active, have more energy and can shop at any regular clothing store.”
Melanie R., Newark, NJ – Lost 116 lbs. (Syosset Hospital)


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