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Head and Neck

Leading the Way in Care for Head and Neck Disorders

New York Head & Neck Institute (NYHNI), part of North Shore-LIJ Health System, provides seamless, integrated care across several specialty fields for people with disorders of the head and neck. Our physicians and surgeons all have regional, national or international reputations within their particular head and neck specialty areas. They bring vast experience and training to effectively diagnose and treat head and neck disorders while providing the most advanced patient-centered care.

NYHNI consists of nine centers, each focusing on a type of disorder or anatomical area of the head and neck, allowing us to treat the entire range of these disorders in adults and children. Each center offers medical therapy and the newest minimally invasive surgical techniques to cure the condition or improve our patients' lives.  At NYHNI, we use this minimally invasive approach whenever possible, which ensures a faster, more comfortable recovery for our patients.


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