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Hospice Care

Why Patients Choose North Shore-LIJ
for Hospice Services

Managed and home hospice care services offer personalized medical care and emotional comfort for patients and families facing the last stages of a life-limiting illness. Managed hospice care is available in a variety of settings and locations within North Shore-LIJ Health System.

Patients choose North Shore-LIJ’s hospice services for:

  • The Most Cost-Effective Alternative
    Facing the rising costs of hospitalization and institutional care, patients’ families find that managed hospice care or home hospice care is a more affordable alternative that offers a superior level of care.
  • The Comfort of Being at Home
    Most people prefer the familiar comforts of being at home with loved ones in the end stages of their illness. Home hospice care provides that option.
  • The Support of Hospice Care Specialists
    Although families provide much of the care with home hospice, you are aided by nursing visits at home, pain control, medical and social assessments, counseling, hospice aid workers and respite care volunteers.
  • Hospice Care Addresses Complex Needs
    Your home hospice team emphasizes physical comfort, pain relief and symptom management. They also address your loved one's emotional, psychological, spiritual, social and financial needs. Bereavement and counseling services are provided for the family.
  • Available 24 Hours a Day, Every Day
    Our home hospice staff is available 24 hours a day through weekends and holidays to respond quickly to your questions, needs and emergencies.
  • Respite Care for the Caregivers
    If your loved one's needs become too much to handle at home, or if you simply need a break from caregiving, hospice care can be given in an institutional setting.