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Hospice Care

Offering the Best in Managed and Home Hospice Care Services

Managed and home hospice care services offer personalized medical care and emotional comfort for patients and families facing the last stages of a life-limiting illness. The philosophy is to care for the patient's mind, body and spirit and to support their families so they can enjoy each day they have together in the most comfortable way possible.

Hospice care emphasizes physical comfort, pain relief, symptom management and addresses the patient's emotional, psychological, spiritual, social and financial needs. Bereavement and counseling services are also an integral part of hospice services, as the comfort and care of the family is an equal component of hospice care.

Most hospice care is provided in the comfort of a person's home. However, if the needs become too great, or the caregiver needs some respite, care can be provided in a variety of settings.

Managed Hospice Care Services

Facilities exist where families can seek hospice care for their loved one, often when they need a brief respite from home hospice care or they're unable to care for their loved ones through home hospice.

Amenities may vary from facility to facility however the standard of care and the focus remains the same: to offer superior comfort and management of end of life care for patients. Through these facilities, patients and their families have access to the same network of professional staff including registered nursing staff, support care workers, physicians, counselors and social workers.

Home Hospice Care Services

Home hospice care services offer the same coverage and care from support staff as a managed hospice environment but the patient and family are able to spend their time together in the home. Family often provide much of the care aided by nursing visits (they come to the patient), pain control, medical and social assessments, counseling, hospice aid workers and respite care volunteers. The amount of care from support staff can vary depending on the condition of the patient and the needs of the family.

The Benefits of Hospice Care Services

Families often fear hospice care because they don't feel prepared to care for their loved ones. Hospice care services, however, include comprehensive, interdisciplinary care from professionals, volunteers, certified and licensed RNs, physicians, social workers, chaplains and additional staff to meet the needs of every patient.

Staff is available 24 hours a day through weekends and holidays with hospice care services, and the amount of staffing and support is tailored specifically to meet the comfort and structured support of family and patients.

For every family, hospice is the most cost-effective alternative to the rising cost of hospitalization and institutional care for end stage life-limiting illnesses. In many cases, families and patients not only find relief from chronic illness but they may also find financial relief through managed or home hospice care services.

The North Shore-LIJ Hospice Care Network believes in making every day count for the patient diagnosed with advanced illness. The focus is on caring, not curing, to allow patients to live in peace and with dignity, surrounded by their friends and family in the environment they are most comfortable.

Hospice Care Network — Serving Nassau, Suffolk and Queens

Our hospice services give special care to support the family throughout the advanced illness experience. Hospice Care Network cares for patients of all ages, religions, races and illnesses in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties.

Learn more about Hospice Care Network and the Hospice Inn, a beautifully furnished facility with 18 private rooms located in Melville that may be appropriate for patients:

  • Whose pain and symptom management needs are greater than can be managed at home
  • Who are transitioning from the hospital to hospice at home
  • Whose caregiver needs a brief period of respite

University Hospice — Serving Staten Island

University Hospice meets the needs of dying patients, their families and loved ones by providing comprehensive palliative care focused on physical, social, emotional, and spiritual support. Hospice care is provided in the home, the nursing facility or, when appropriate, the hospital setting.

Learn more about University Hospice .

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