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Presentation Topics for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Dr. Moline and Dr. Spaeth regularly speak to unions, corporations and community organizations in the NY metropolitan area on a number of topics related to Occupational and Environmental Medicine. To schedule a presentation, please call (516) 465-5400.
  • How occupational and environmental medicine can help you and your patients
  • Identifying and managing lead exposure
  • Assessment of mercury exposure
  • Myths and facts about indoor air quality
  • BPA, phthalates and other toxins in everyday products
  • Myths and facts about cell phone risks
  • Reducing risk for work-related carpal tunnel syndrome and other RSIs
  • Climate change and health
  • Taking an occupational/environmental exposure history
  • Assessing and implementing return to work readiness after injury/illness
  • A primer: workers' compensation and your clinical practice
  • The health impact of the World Trade Center disaster
  • Bioterrorism: what the primary care doctor needs to know
  • Sharps injuries: clinical considerations
  • Keeping your employees healthy Reducing exposures to everyday chemicals
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