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Unions, Benefit Funds and Businesses Occupational Environmental Medicine Long Island


Our goal is to provide you with:

  • Healthier work force who feel positive about their work and their benefits
  • Lower healthcare and disability claims and costs
  • Increased productivity with fewer lost work days via reductions in absenteeism and presenteeism

Utilization Review to Lower Your Costs
We provide utilization review for all cost centers, including disability claims and health care costs. After an analysis, we will develop and implement a range of wellness, preventive, and disease management programs to target high-yield problems. In addition, our clinical evaluations for return-to-work programs decrease days lost to illness/injury, thereby lowering insurance costs and keeping individuals at work.

Wellness & Prevention Programs to Enhance Health
As part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, we offer a wide range of prevention, education and treatment programs including:

  • On-site health fairs screening for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.,
    which can be done on a periodic basis at job sites or at meetings
  • Annual flu vaccine programs offered at job sites, meetings, or at our clinics
  • Healthy lifestyle campaigns for tobacco cessation, nutrition, exercise, ‘heart smart’, etc.
  • Mental health services, initiatives and outreach targeting depression, burnout,
    job stress, and substance abuse

Clinical Services
North Shore-LIJ occupational medicine clinicians provide comprehensive medical evaluation, monitoring, and treatment of individuals performing at-risk jobs, such as those working in and around:

  • Asbestos
  • Silica
  • Lead
  • Mold
  • Radon
  • Solvents
  • Dust
  • Respiratory irritants

With an understanding of challenging work environments, we offer a full range of medical care for all job-related health issues individuals may have.

Additional clinical services include:

  • Hearing assessments
  • Independent medical exams
  • DOT, OSHA required exams and screenings
  • Pre-employment physicals and fitness-for duty services
  • Assessments of job-specific functional capacity
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Management of repetitive strain, back, and upper and lower extremity injuries

Assessments for a Safe Work Environment
Our team of OSHA-trained, certified industrial hygienists and workplace health and safety specialists enhance safety by providing on-site services, including:

  • Ergonomic assessments/adjustments for workstations, equipment, specific job tasks, etc.
  • Assessments for potential injuries, exposures and hazards
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Hearing Conservation Program guidance

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