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Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Why Patients Choose the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center

At North Shore-LIJ, our Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center draws on the disciplines of clinical medicine, toxicology and public health to promote a healthy working environment. Our team includes workplace safety and health specialists and OSHA-trained certified industrial hygienists.

Our experts can serve as resources for both patients and clinicians facing potentially harmful environmental exposures in the workplace, on a consultative basis. Our team can evaluate patients at the Center or at their worksite and then direct them to the appropriate treatment, if necessary. The Center works with unions, benefit funds and businesses to create healthy workplaces and lower overall healthcare costs.

Some of the reasons why patients choose North Shore-LIJ for their medical needs are:

  • A Deep Understanding of Workplace Hazards
    Our Center offers a full range of medical care for job-related health issues. This includes conditions and injuries that can arise with exposure to heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cobalt, mold, asbestos and chemicals such as pesticides and solvents. Our specialists also consult on work-related injuries.
  • Custom Assessments to Improve the Health of the Workplace
    Our team can provide a utilization review for businesses, including an analysis of disability claims and other healthcare costs. Once completed, our specialists help develop and implement wellness, preventive and disease management programs to target problems identified in the study. Our team can also help employers make ergonomic adjustments to workstations and equipment to help reduce injuries caused by accidents or repetitive stress.
  • Comprehensive Health Resources We Help Provide for Employees
    The Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center can help employers provide a wide range of prevention, education and treatment programs. This may include on-site health fairs, screening for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, annual flu vaccine programs and healthy lifestyle campaigns to help workers quit smoking or promote nutrition and exercise. Our mental health services include initiatives targeting depression, burnout, job stress and substance abuse.
  • Occupational Health and Medicine Partnerships
    The Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center partners with unions, benefit funds and area businesses to enhance the health and safety of workers and lower overall healthcare costs. With over 30 years of specialized experience, our physicians evaluate patients at our Center and, when appropriate, at their worksites. Patients then return to their referring physician for treatment.