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Soft Tissue, Bone Pathology

The Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology service of the Department of Pathology at North Shore-LIJ Health System offers comprehensive evaluation of the non-neoplastic and neoplastic diseases of bone and soft tissue based on core and/or open biopsies, curettings and resections. Soft tissue and bone pathology diagnoses are based primarily upon light microscopy. Ancillary studies, including immunohistochemistry, cytogenetics and molecular pathology, are employed as required.

Immunohistochemistry is a method of detecting specific proteins in cells or tissues. Cytogenetics is the study of normal and abnormal chromosomes and their relationship to human development and disease. Molecular pathology is the study and diagnosis of disease through the examination of molecules within organs, tissues or bodily fluids.

The Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology service offer consultations and second opinions on biopsies diagnosed at other institutions.


Despite the rarity of neoplastic lesions (abnormal growths) in soft tissue and bone, the large volume of materials seen at North Shore-LIJ (approximately 90,000 specimens annually) has afforded our pathologists the opportunity to gain expertise in this area and familiarity with the features of these legions and their biological potential.


Dr. Leonard B. Kahn is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the field of soft tissue and bone pathology. He has received repeated citations for his skills in this and other fields by his peers, as documented in the Best Doctors listings for New York, Long Island and America. He has also been a member of the prestigious International Skeletal Society from 1982 to the present time and has served as chairman of the society's Members (Closed) Program Annual Meeting from 1996 to the present time. He was awarded the medal of the International Skeletal Society at their Annual Meeting in Geneva in 2002 and the Founders Medal in Rome in 2012. He has also been a member of the prestigious New York Bone Club since 1980.

Timely Results

In cases of soft tissue and bone pathology requiring no special studies, results are usually available within 24 hours of receipt of biopsies. Cases requiring additional work-up are usually completed within two to three days of receipt of the specimen.

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