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Cancer Surgery

Cancer Surgery Treatment

Cancer surgery can be used to diagnose, treat and relieve symptoms or help prevent cancer.  Surgery is one of the most common types of cancer treatment and is often used in combination with other therapies, such as radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and biological therapy. In most cases, the surgeon removes the tumor and some tissue around it. Removing nearby tissue may help prevent the tumor from growing back. The surgeon may also remove some nearby lymph nodes.

Our surgical oncologists and surgical subspecialists, including breast surgeons, colon and rectal surgeons, gynecologic oncologists, neurosurgeons, thoracic surgeons and urologists, are trained in the surgical management of rare and complex tumors as well as the more common malignancies. Our surgeons use cutting-edge surgical techniques for the treatment of various types of cancer including the latest in minimally-invasive surgical approaches and robotic surgery.