Caring for Mother and Baby

At LIJ Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital, we encourage well babies to remain in the new mother’s room (rooming-in). Our postpartum/maternity staff cares for you and your new baby as a couple (couplet care). There are many advantages of limiting the separation of you from your newborn during your hospital stay. First, it provides you with greater opportunity to bond with you baby. It is very helpful to begin the bonding process with your baby in the hospital with our staff around you for support and education. Taking care and understanding your baby’s uniqueness can be overwhelming at first. You will benefit from the emotional support provided by the staff and start becoming more confident in your abilities as a parent.

Bonding (the intense attachment that develops between parent and their baby) is a process, not something that takes place within minutes after birth or within a specific period of time. Bonding is the result of everyday observation and care giving. By keeping you together, you and your partner will begin to learn such things as the responsiveness of your baby, the alert and sleep periods of the day and the meaning of different facial expressions and cries. Other benefits of room-in and couplet care include more successful breastfeeding and a greater opportunity to learn and improve parenting skills through shared responsibility for the baby’s care.

Our newborn nursery is staffed 24 hours a day, and at any time, you may request to have your newborn returned to the nursery, or you may bring your baby to and from the nursery as you wish. Regular evaluations and care of your baby will take place in both the nursery and patient room.

Caring for Mothers after Childbirth 

Mother/baby nursing staff is specially trained to care for and assist the mother’s recovery after childbirth. They will enter your room frequently to check on you both. Periodically they will assess your uterus, episiotomy or incision and breasts. They will inquire about bleeding and your bowel movements. This information will tell them whether you are healing and progressing well.

Newborn Safety

While your baby is in the room with you, it is important to maintain safety as your priority. Mothers, partners and visitors should wash their hands prior to handling the newborn. For safety reasons, never leave the baby alone in the room. Always position your newborn on his or her back or side. When walking your baby in the halls, use the portable bassinet.

Each time your baby is brought to you, your identification bracelet and the baby's will be checked. As an added security measure, each baby will have an electronic infant security tag on their ankle. This will help us to care for you and your baby in a safe and secure environment.

For more information, visit Safeguarding Your Baby , or register for a childbirth or new parent education class .

Your Baby's First Year

Your Baby's First Year

Giving birth at a North Shore-LIJ hospital? You'll receive Your Baby's First Year, edited by Steven P. Shelov, MD, of Cohen Children's Medical Center.