Safeguarding Your Baby

The following is important information you should know in order to provide the most safety for your baby.

As part of our family-centered care, we encourage you to keep your baby with you as much as possible. Take advantage of this time in the hospital to get to know each other. The baby will come to the nursery for special procedures, or at either your doctor's or your request.

Electronic Security

After your baby's first bath, a transmitter tag will be placed on the infant's ankle. This tag allows us to monitor the whereabouts of your baby. Please do not tamper with the transmitter tag and be aware that when you approach exit doors with your newborn you will set off alarms. When you and your baby are discharged from the hospital, your nurse will deactivate the alarm system so that only you or your authorized designee can exit with the baby.

With your permission, in the delivery room, fathers or your approved designee are provided with an identification band similar to the one placed on you and the baby. This band must remain on throughout the baby's hospital stay. The band will not be accepted as identification if it is cut off. When the staff brings your baby to you, they will ask to read the name and number printed on your ID band to ensure that they match the name and number of your baby's band. If you go to the nursery to get your baby, the same procedure will be followed.

Authorized Personnel 

The only personnel who should be taking your baby from your room are North Shore-LIJ employees who introduce themselves, explain the reason they need to interact with or take your baby from your bedside, and are wearing the proper identification. Report any suspicious persons to your nurse immediately. If you are unsure, ring your call bell for assistance.

Feel free to ask questions when your infant is taken from your room. If you are keeping your baby with you throughout the night, the nursing staff will check on you and your baby frequently through the night hours.

Transporting Your Baby

The only way babies are transported is in their cribs. For safety reasons, we ask that you do not walk through the halls with the baby in your arms. Utilize the cribs if you want to take the baby with you for a walk. It is important not to leave the baby unattended in your room. If you leave the room to take a shower, you should bring your baby to the nursery to ensure that your baby is cared for by our staff.


At North Shore University Hospital

Visitors are allowed from 12 p.m.. to 8 p.m. Only four visitors are allowed at the bedside at any one time. The only children allowed on the unit are siblings of the newborn. These children will be given either a pink or blue band designating them as the big sister or big brother.

At LIJ Medical Center

The Mother Baby/Postpartum Unit welcomes your extended family and friends to the unit from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Due to limited space in the patient rooms we ask that no more than four visitors be at the bedside at any one time.

Please inform your family and friends of these visitation policies.

Your Baby's First Year

Your Baby's First Year

Giving birth at a North Shore-LIJ hospital? You'll receive Your Baby's First Year, edited by Steven P. Shelov, MD, of Cohen Children's Medical Center.