High Risk Obstetrics

Many women fit into the “high-risk” category during pregnancy. This term should not be cause for alarm. It merely means that because of your medical history, difficulties in a prior pregnancy, or a problem with your current pregnancy, you will need to be monitored in special ways to give you the best chance to have a healthy baby. Women with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as women with multiple gestations, are among those who may need specialized care during pregnancy.

As a patient, you will be able to take advantage of the most up-to-date information and technology for diagnosing and treating problems that may arise.


High-Risk Pregnancy Center

A patient may be referred by her primary OB/GYN physician for evaluation and advice regarding the management of a problem in the pregnancy. Such consultations may require one or more multiple visits depending on the circumstances. A sonogram (ultrasound) usually is included in one or more of these visits.

The determination of the need for a consultation by a Maternal Fetal Medicine physician should be made by the primary OB/GYN physician. The referring physician usually will provide the patient with a written request for Maternal Fetal Medicine consultation and release pertinent medical records to the specialist for review.

Patients seen in the ambulatory care units are offered financial counseling services and assistance in obtaining insurance coverage through Medicaid if needed.

The program, formerly known as Prenatal Care Assistance Program, is funded by the NYS Department of Health and is offered free of charge to those who qualify. Women enrolled in Medicaid are automatically eligible, and most other women in low-income families are able to be enrolled in the Prenatal Care Program. The program provides comprehensive prenatal and obstetrical care by physicians, nutritionists, nurses, childbirth educators, social workers and genetic counselors. When the baby is born, hospital care is provided as well as postpartum follow-up care.

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