Pre-existing Diabetes

Years ago, women with pre-existing diabetes were discouraged from becoming pregnant. The risks for both mother and baby were extremely high. Today, with the advances made in insulin therapy, diabetes management technology and post-birth testing, having a healthy baby is possible.

According to the March of Dimes, nearly 1 in 100 women of childbearing age has diabetes before pregnancy. With good preconception and pregnancy care, most women with pre-existing diabetes can have a healthy, normal pregnancy and delivery.

Women with diabetes who become pregnant are considered to have a high-risk pregnancy. This does not mean that you will have problems. Instead, your health care provider will want to provide extra, specialized care to help avoid any possible complications.

Before becoming pregnant, women with diabetes should get their glucose levels under control for the best outcomes. If a woman can normalize her blood sugar levels prior to conception, her risk of having a child with a birth defect is 2-3 percent—equivalent to a woman who does not have diabetes. Achieving and maintaining normal blood sugar levels both before and during your pregnancy is the key to success.

The Center for Diabetes in Pregnancy offers a specially designed management and education program for women with pre-existing diabetes. We offer care from preconception through postpartum. Our educational program covers all facets of diabetes management including insulin pump therapy. At the Center for Diabetes in Pregnancy, we also provide education about the need to maintain good control before, during and after pregnancy.