Cervical Cancer

North Shore-LIJ gynecologic oncologists are involved in leading-edge programs in the prevention of cervical cancer. Through regular screenings and identification of women with precancerous cervical lesions and papilloma virus infections, our clinicians are detecting cervical cancer earlier and providing better outcomes to patients.

What Is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is a disease of the cervix, or lower part of the uterus. Most cervical cancers begin in the cells lining the cervix (Squamous), although cancer in the gland cells (Adeno) of the cervix is becoming more common in young women.

Cervical cancer often develops slowly over a number of years, starting with pre-cancerous changes in the cells of the cervix. Routine Pap smears can catch these pre-cancerous changes before they develop into cancer.

Customized Treatment

If a cervical cancer has deeply invaded the cervix, surgery and radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy are commonly used.  Extremely early disease is amenable to fertility sparing surgery.  North Shore-LIJ Gynecologic Oncologists will tailor a treatment regimen for each woman based on her unique clinical situation.