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Childbirth Education Classes

More than 75 percent of all women who deliver babies at North Shore-LIJ hospitals have taken a childbirth preparation course. Although it is not mandatory, it is extremely advantageous for you and your partner or coach to be as prepared as possible for this new experience.

There are so many questions that arise as you get closer and closer to your due date. Both men and women are apprehensive about the impending birth experience. The biggest obstacle that you may have is the fear of the unknown. Education is the key and the greatest factor in decreasing fear. The more you know and understand about the process of labor, the better prepared you will be to choose the best options available to you.

Attending childbirth classes will give you valuable information on the process of childbirth. In class the expectant mother and her partner will learn the following:

  • That pregnancy and labor are a normal and healthy occurrence
  • To trust the process and not to fight the contractions
  • Available options for managing labor and pain
  • Importance of the partner in supporting the laboring woman
  • Ways to decrease fear and tension and utilize relaxation techniques, including methods from Lamaze, Bradley and Grantly Dick-Read

Women who prepare and know how to cope with discomfort often require less medication from pain relief. Studies show that women who are prepared and use the methods of relaxation learned in class make the birthing process easier and have a shorter labor if all factors are favorable.

Childbirth Class Enrollment

There are many classes available. The earlier you sign up the more options and flexibility you will have with dates, times and classes you desire.

Search for classes offered at North Shore-LIJ.

Your Baby's First Year

Your Baby's First Year

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