What to Expect

It is the policy of the urogynecology division to see patients in a timely fashion. If you have special needs that we are unaware of (surgery scheduled, transportation constraints, translation needs, disability or other special needs), please let us know so we can keep your wait time as short as possible.


Office Visit


All new patients are asked to bring a photo of themselves to their first visit. We would like to know you by name and face, not by the number on your chart!

During the urogynecology office visit, the physician will speak with you about your medical history. You will then have a focused physical exam.

Please understand that the proper diagnosis and treatment for urinary incontinence requires the problem to be demonstrated in the office. A sterile urine specimen will be obtained using a very thin catheter. Your bladder may be filled through a thin flexible tube in order to evaluate the bladder’s response to filling. This is not painful. A small number of patients may experience very mild irritation during the evaluation but most women do not have any discomfort. There are no needles or injections.

After the evaluation, a specific condition will be identified in about half of all patients, and a treatment plan will be started. For the other half of patients, sophisticated bladder tests (urodynamics) will be required and you will be asked to return for a subsequent evaluation. A treatment plan will be formulated and your questions will be answered.




The division of urogynecology accepts most major insurance plans, including Medicare. Dedicated personnel are available to assist patients with claims processing and financial arrangements. For additional information about the division or to request a consultation, call 516-622-5114.