Sexual Dysfunction

Women often live into the eighth or ninth decade, but many become less interested or less satisfied with sexual interactions. When sexual dysfunction—a decrease in or lack of sexual satisfaction—occurs, it can sometimes be a symptom of a larger problem. Stress from work and family, medical problems and menopause, depression or relationship issues may all contribute to lack of desire for sex. Body image also plays a role in libido.

Sexual dysfunction in women is very common and affects up to 40 percent of women, across all age groups. It often manifests as pain during intercourse.


Treating Sexual Dysfunction


To treat sexual dysfunction, North Shore-LIJ urogynecologists specialize in:

  • Anatomic correction
  • Hormone management for vaginal lubrication
  • Estrogen and testosterone replacement
  • Arousal disorders
  • Orgasm disorders
  • Compatibility issues with partners

Our specially trained physicians can perform a detailed history and physical examination to identify the cause of the problem. When needed, laboratory testing is done to evaluate for hormonal imbalance. Surgical correction of vulvar or vaginal abnormalities is available to women who have enlarged labia or vaginal prolapse that interferes with sexual function.

Our specialized care for women’s sexuality and pleasure focuses on making each patient comfortable and finding the best solution for any sexual dysfunction issues. Our doctors work in conjunction with counselors who can help establish a stronger relationship with your partner.

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