Happy Mother

Once a Gynecologic Oncology Patient, Now a Happy Mother

12/08/2011 -

Cheryl Lampasona, is a 30-year-old mother from Mineola, NY, and a long-time patient of LIJ’s. About 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with a rare Wolffian Tumor near her ovaries (one of only 12 such reported cases worldwide). A plan of care needed to be created for Ms. Lampasona to help fulfill her desire to have children. Following the plan of her gynecological oncologist Diana Contreras, MD, to undergo laparoscopic surgery every six months for three years to evaluate and manage the level of the disease, she became pregnant in 2005 and now has two healthy boys, Michael and Ryan (both delivered at LIJ), who joined their mother as she paid tribute to the medical care she received at the hospital.

“It had always been my goal to become a mother and have a family,” Ms. Lampasona said, “so you can imagine my shock when I was diagnosed with this potentially life-threatening and virtually unknown illness. Words can’t express how grateful I am to my doctor and the teams of people who treated me when I was sick. They treated my cancer without taking away my ability to bear my own children. Thanks to them, and their knowledge and compassion, I was able to realize my dream. I have two beautiful boys and my health. What else is there?”