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Foot and Ankle Conditions Expertly Treated

Our orthopaedic foot and ankle doctors provide expert diagnosis and treatment plans for foot and ankle diseases and disorders. For conditions that don't respond to conservative approaches, orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons perform advanced procedures, including minimally invasive surgery, to repair and relieve the most debilitating, chronic problems of the joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the foot and ankle. Conditions treated include: 

  • Arthritis of the foot and ankle – Three types of arthritis can develop in the foot and ankle — osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis); rheumatoid arthritis (people with systemic rheumatoid arthritis in other joints almost always develop it in their feet); and post-traumatic arthritis that develops after an injury. Ankle and foot fusions are surgical procedures that can be effective in repairing the damage caused by arthritis.
  • Fractures of the foot and ankle – Traumatic fractures can happen to all parts of the foot from the toes to the ankle and heel. Our orthopaedic specialists provide the latest nonsurgical and surgical treatments for all types of fractures from hairline stress fractures to compound fractures. For more information, visit:

  • Diabetic foot – This is a medical term for multiple problems and complications that can happen to people with diabetes. Over time, the high blood sugar levels of diabetes damage nerves or blood vessels. The foot is an area that illustrates many of the effects of diabetes on the body.
  • Other conditions treated are:
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