Birth Certificate and Social Security Number

Please note that the procedure for obtaining a birth certificate and social security number may be different depending upon which hospital you deliver. Please see the information below, which is broken out by facility. If the North Shore-LIJ Health System hospital you have selected for delivery is not listed below, click on the “Locations and Directions” tab, and follow the link to your hospital.

During your stay on the postpartum unit, you will be visited by a member of the hospital's clerical staff who will explain the procedures for obtaining your newborn's birth certificate and Social Security number. You will receive a birth certificate information form, which you must complete.

At North Shore University Hospital, the birth certificate form must be completed within 24 hours in order for your newborn’s birth certificate to be processed. After your newborn's birth certificate is processed by the hospital, it will be filed with the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk will mail the birth certificate to your home address or mailing address in approximately three weeks. All inquiries regarding a lost or duplicate birth certificate should be directed to the Town Clerk.

If you would like to have the hospital assist you in applying for a Social Security number for your newborn, you will be asked to sign your name on the appropriate form so that the necessary information can be forwarded to the Social Security Administration. Your newborn's Social Security card will be mailed to your home in approximately six weeks. However, if you have not named your newborn by the time you are discharged from the hospital or if you will need a Social Security number issued for your newborn in less than six weeks, you must contact your local Social Security Office for assistance. To locate the nearest Social Security Office, call (800) 772-1213.

At LIJ Medical Center, mothers must complete the birth certificate form within 24 hours of delivery.

Your newborn's birth certificate is electronically submitted to the New York City Department of Health within five legal days after birth. It is processed and filed by the Dept of Vital records in Manhattan. The Dept of Vital Records will forward your request for a social security number for your newborn to the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office.  Your newborn’s birth certificate will be mailed to your home or mailing address in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Social security cards will be mailed by the SSA office within six weeks.

If you do not name your newborn, a social security card cannot be applied for by the hospital. You will have to apply for a social security number in person at the Social Security Administration Office in Manhattan. This can be done only after you have corrected the birth certificate by adding the newborn's name.

New York State Law requires birth certificate and social security numbers for all newborns.

If you are not married, acknowledgement papers may be done at the hospital AFTER the child's birth with BOTH parents present. You will be required to present government issued identification at the time paternity acknowledge papers. If you are divorced or widowed, the law requires that the mother be legally divorced in order to complete acknowledgement papers with the biological father. Acknowledgment papers may be completed only when proof of divorce/widowhood has been submitted to the hospital with the birth certificate worksheet.   A  signed government-issued picture ID is required of the father of the child. If you are using your maiden name, and you are legally married, please present a copy of your marriage certificate.

If you have any questions regarding the birth certificate, social security or acknowledgement papers call the Birth Certificate Office at: 718-470-5139. We will be happy to answers all questions.

All inquiries regarding a lost or duplicate birth certificate should be directed to the Department of Vital Records at:

Your Baby's First Year

Your Baby's First Year

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