Center for High Risk Pregnancy at North Shore University Hospital

Center for High Risk Pregnancy at North Shore University Hospital
300 Community Drive
Manhasset, New York 11030

The Center for High Risk Pregnancy treats patients with conditions that may cause their pregnancy to be considered high-risk. Pre-existing medical conditions such as (but not limited to) diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart or kidney disease may require specialized care. Multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, or more) carries greater risk to both mother and babies than does a singleton pregnancy. Problems such as abnormal growth and/or development of a baby may be discovered during the course of a pregnancy, and require care from a specialist in high-risk pregnancy. Also, women who have had problems with prior pregnancies, such as recurrent miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery or high blood pressure, may benefit from the expertise provided by a maternal-fetal medicine specialist. 

Perinatologists at the center are experienced in delivering high-risk obstetrical care to maternity patients referred by their obstetricians.

The center offers pregnancy consultations for patients who have had an abnormal condition or complicating factor identified. Such consultation may require one or multiple visits depending on the circumstances of the case. A sonogram (ultrasound) is usually included in one or more of these visits. The referring physician will usually provide the patient with a written request for maternal fetal medicine consultation and release pertinent medical records to the specialist for review.

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