Why do I need to see the doctor?

Our doctor is trained to recognize medical conditions associated with weight loss and weight-related complications and/or disease. Regular medical monitoring helps reduce health risks and enables our staff to adjust your treatment as needed.

How much weight must I lose before my health improves?

Studies show that significant health benefits occur with only a five-to-ten percent loss of one’s body weight, if that loss is maintained.

Is exercise a requirement?

Exercise is not required, but research has shown that physical activity increases the chances of maintaining a healthy weight. Our program will guide you on how to add activity to your lifestyle in a fun, moderate way.

Do I have to use meal replacements?

No. Meal plans will be based on your needs. However, meal replacements, such as healthy shakes or bars, have been shown to be helpful in “retraining” your brain to be satisfied with correctly sized portions. As you move toward your weight loss goal and add healthy behaviors into your lifestyle, meal replacements will be phased out and replaced with healthy foods that you enjoy.

What is metabolic testing?

Every member of our program will have their resting metabolic rate tested. This simple, non-invasive test involves breathing into a mask or mouthpiece for about 10 to 12 minutes. The results allow our team to customize a plan based on the number of calories your body requires each day to keep you in the “weight loss zone.”

What is the cost of this program and will my insurance plan pay for it?

We accept all insurance plans. For more information about cost and plan coverage, call the center at (516) 496-2662.