Lenox Hill Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

Lenox Hill Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
130 E. 77th Street
New York, New York 10075
Lenox Hill Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

About us

The Lenox Hill Comprehensive Epilepsy Center was established in 2004. The center offers the latest diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients suffering from seizure disorders in new and comfortable surroundings on the premises of Lenox Hill Hospital.

We are interested not only in accurate diagnosis and prompt effective treatment, but also in improving quality of life for our patients. Disabling medication side effects, driving, pregnancy, uncontrolled seizures, exercise and many other issues are common concerns of our patients, that are best dealt with by a comprehensive center experienced in solving these issues and open to alternative solutions.

Clinical expertise

  • Diagnosis of seizures/ epilepsy
  • Unexplained falls or loss of consciousness
  • Spells, transient events or neurologic symptoms or dysfunction:
    • Language difficulty
    • Weakness
    • Sensory disturbance (numbness/tingling)
  • Management and withdrawal of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs)
  • Seizures related to brain tumors

Services provided

  • New patient visits
  • Follow up visits
  • Consultation visits
  • Routine EEGs
  • Sleep deprived EEGs
  • Ambulatory EEG monitoring
  • Inpatient video EEG monitoring during medication changes, refractory epilepsy or for initial diagnosis and classification of epilepsy
  • Pre-surgical epilepsy evaluations
  • Consultations available from numerous specialties including physical therapy, neuropsychology, psychiatry, cardiology and neurosurgery

Our team


Souhel Najjar, MD

  • Chair of Neurology,
    Lenox Hill Hospital and Staten Island University Hospital
  • Chair and Professor of Neurology,
    Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
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Virginia Ann De Sanctis, PhD

Melissa Bernbaum, MD

Ida Kiss, EEG Technician

Richard Steer, MBA, R.EEG.T