Schein Voice Center

Schein Voice Center
430 Lakeville Road
New Hyde Park, New York 11040

The Schein Voice Center is a unique and innovative facility, consisting of an interdisciplinary team of specialists dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with voice problems. Within a single facility, it is possible to expect and receive continuous care and attention from specialists who are fully understanding and sensitive to the frustrations and anxieties experienced by those with voice problems.

Individuals with a broad spectrum of problems come to the center, including those with voice disorders caused by benign growths such as nodules or polyps, vocal demands, cancerous growths, or respiratory or neurological impairments.

The center's Professional Voice Wellness Program is designed to serve the unique needs of those who depend upon their voice for their livelihood, including performers such as actors, singers and broadcasters; classroom teachers; attorneys; and others who use their voice professionally and must maximize their vocal potential.

The center's research program, dedicated to advancing the field of diagnosis and rehabilitation of voice disorders, assures patients that their treatment and care is based on the very latest findings and understanding of their problem.