Breast Surgery


Surgery is a common treatment for breast cancer, as well as other conditions affecting the breast. The goal of surgical breast cancer treatment is to remove the cancer of the breast and from any areas where it may have spread.


The following types of breast surgery are performed to change the appearance of the breasts. These procedures include:

  • Breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) – This surgery involves using breast implants or fat from your own body to increase the size of your breasts or restore the volume of your breasts. Our surgeons are skilled with using the latest implant designs and can create a very natural look during this outpatient surgery. Breast augmentation may only partially correct drooping or sagging breasts. A breast lift may often be performed along with an augmentation to help improve the shape. Your surgeon will discuss your options with you during your consultation.
  • Breast cancer reconstruction – This surgery rebuilds breasts for women who have had one or both breasts removed due to breast cancer. There are various types of surgeries and implants available, including the newly approved anatomic shaped implants, which are closer to the natural shape of the breast. Our specialists will help you decide which procedure is right for you.
  • Breast lift (mastopexy) – This procedure is similar to a breast reduction, except that in some cases only skin is removed. A breast lift can raise sagging or drooping breasts and can lift up the nipple and areola (dark skin surrounding the nipple).
  • Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) – This surgery removes some of the tissue and skin from the breasts to reshape them and reduce their size. It can also make the areola (dark skin surrounding the nipple) smaller. This procedure is more often covered by your insurance.
  • DIEP flap – We are one of the few groups in the area that offer DIEP flap (deep inferior epigastric perforators). This type of breast reconstruction surgery requires specialized microvascular training, as it involves taking tissue from your body (usually from the lower abdomen) and using it to create a new breast. In addition, we offer other advanced options for using your tissue to re-create a natural breast.