Cataract care

With more than 40 ophthalmic surgeons performing cataract surgery, North Shore-LIJ Health System is on the frontline of eye care in the New York metro-area. The Division of Cataract Eye Care provides medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for patients with cataract disease. The service performs hundreds of cataract surgeries each year, including cataract femtosecond laser surgery and phacoemulsification.

The division is regarded for care of complex cataract surgical cases. The division also performs consultations and second surgeries for patients with previous unsatisfactory results.

Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery

Femtosecond laser technology is the latest advancement in laser eye surgery. This method is safer and more precise than traditional laser eye surgery to treat cataracts. Unlike traditional cataract surgery, where the surgeon uses hand-held blades to create incisions in the eye, the femtosceond laser-assisted surgery uses sophisticated computer-driven lasers to divide the cataract lens into small pieces to reduce the amount of ultrasonic energy necessary to remove the lens. The ultrasonic laser pulses allow for reduced destruction of surround tissue. The laser is also able to make incisions in the cornea to reduce astigmatism.

Lenox Hill Hospital and the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital were the first in the New York-area to offer this procedure.


Phacoemulsification is a modern cataract surgical procedure where the internal eye lens is emulsified with ultrasonic instrument. This is the most common form of cataract surgery. During the surgery two small incisions are made in the eye where the white of the eye and the clear front covering meet. A circular opening is created and the phaco probe is inserted into the eye. Ultrasonic waves break cataract into small pieces and are then removed. The incisions typically seal themselves without stitches.