Division of Preoperative Surgical Testing

Presurgical testing is a very important step when preparing for surgery and procedures under anesthesia. At the Division of Preoperative Surgical Testing, an appointment for presurgical testing is usually initiated when a surgeon schedules a procedure.

During presurgical testing, the anesthesia team consists of nurses, physician assistants, nursing practitioners and physicians. They work together to review each patient’s medical history, physical examination, medications, allergies and laboratory results. The team provides the patient with health care directives, medication instructions and other necessary information for the procedure.

The division encourages patients to bring the names and contact information of their physicians, as well as the names and doses of all medicines they take on a regular basis. The presurgical testing team gathers information from the patient’s personal physicians, such as results from specialized heart tests, which are done in preparation for surgery. The anesthesia team communicates frequently with surgeons and medical providers to gain a thorough understanding of each patient’s medical history.

The information is then shared with the anesthesiologist who will be caring for the patient during the procedure or surgery. This ensures that the patient is receiving the best possible care for his or her individual needs.