Elevate® prolapse repair system

Elevate prolapse repair system is used to treat pelvic organ prolapse. This minimally-invasive procedure can restore the structure and function of the pelvic floor, improving symptoms of prolapse in the bladder, rectum or vagina. 

The Elevate procedure uses a soft synthetic or biologic mesh to support the pelvic floor organs and restore normal structure. Using a minimally invasive approach, urogynecologic surgeons are able to make smaller incisions, which reduces tissue trauma and helps patients heal faster. Incisions are made only in the vagina, eliminating the need for any external incisions or scarring. Patients typically spend just one night in the hospital.

In general, the Elevate procedure involves a small incision in the vagina or abdomen. The mesh is inserted through this incision and positioned in the body. Tips attached to the mesh help secure it to the ligaments or muscles until natural tissue grows over it. The incision is then closed.

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