The gynecologic pathology service of the North Shore-LIJ Health System provides a comprehensive diagnostic service of all aspects of gynecologic pathology including specimens from the uterus, cervix, vulva, vagina, fallopian tubes and ovaries. We provide timely and accurate interpretation of endometrial and cervical biopsies/curettages, resection specimens (e.g., hysterectomies and oophorectomies), as well as rendering expert opinion on referred cases. Through a rigorous quality assurance program, we maintain integrity of specimen identification and diagnostic accuracy.


Gynecologic pathology service reflects many years of cumulative experience in the field. The pathology department handles a large number of gynecologic cases, both neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases. We emphasize a multidisciplinary approach to the care of patients with diseases of the female genital tract, and work closely with gynecologic-oncologic surgeons, radiologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. Expert consults for cross-specialty consultations are available to collaborate on the diagnosis of complex cases. Correlation with cytology and biopsies enhance overall diagnostic accuracy.


Sharon Xiaoshan Liang, MD

Marina Cristina Ionescu, MD

Farnaz Caroline Tahmasebi, MD

Timely results

Gynecologic pathology reports are sent by courier or mail, fax or electronic submission as requested. Results are available within 24 hours after receipt of biopsy/curettage samples.