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The Division of Kidney Diseases and Hypertension at North Shore-LIJ Health System has a nationally and internationally distinguished faculty involved in patient care (inpatient and outpatient settings), research and teaching. Areas of emphasis include the treatment of kidney stones, kidney dialysis, end-stage renal disease, both pre and post kidney transplantation services, hypertension and metabolic bone disease.

Why choose us?

Patients choose the division’s nephrology services for:

World-Class Nephrology Care

The physicians are among the foremost kidney specialists in the world and are involved in patient care, research and teaching.

Most Advanced Types of Transplants

To increase the availability of kidneys for patients, the kidney transplantation team is experienced in performing the most advanced types of kidney transplants.

  • Kidney transplant surgery   
  • ABO incompatible kidney transplant surgery  
  • Highly sensitized kidney transplantation
  • Unique outpatient transplant procedure developed by North Shore-LIJ transplant surgeons

Interdisciplinary Approach to Kidney Stones Treatment

Since most stone diseases have metabolic causes, comprehensive care includes surgical removal and reduction of metabolic risk factors.

Clinical Trials

Patients have the opportunity to participate in promising new treatments being tested in clinical trials for hypertension, chronic kidney disease, anemia, metabolic bone disease and nephrology education.


The Feinstein Institute
Find a clinical trial.

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research conducts research studies in an effort to find cures and treatments for the most common, debilitating and troubling diseases, including those impacting the kidneys.


Steven N. Fishbane, MD

  • Chief of Division of Medicine - Kidney Diseases and Hypertension, Long Island Jewish Medical Center
  • Chief of Division of Medicine - Kidney Diseases and Hypertension, North Shore University Hospital
  • Professor, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
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