Preconception counseling

Pre-conception counseling


Women with a medical condition that may influence pregnancy outcome, such as diabetes or a history of medical complications in a prior pregnancy, are encouraged to seek preconception counseling.

An obstetrician will discuss the patient’s history and make recommendations for care prior to and during the anticipated pregnancy. When a plan is in place well before a pregnancy begins, care can be better planned and organized.

Preconception counseling can allow for consultation, if necessary, with other specialists in a timely fashion. Another benefit might be the establishment of a medication regimen using the safest medications in the lowest possible doses for a pre-existing medical condition prior to and during the critical first trimester of pregnancy, when the major organ formation is taking place in the baby.

Pertinent medical records should be provided to the obstetrician before a visit. The obstetrician's office staff can help the patient determine what is needed and advise her on how to obtain her records.

Our approach

At the Center for Preconception Counseling, trained obstetricians are available to meet with patients to discuss medical conditions that may impact pregnancy and develop a plan before pregnancy begins.