Soft tissue, bone pathology


The soft tissue and bone pathology service of the Department of Pathology at North Shore-LIJ Health System offers comprehensive evaluation of the non-neoplastic and neoplastic diseases of bone and soft tissue based on core and open biopsies, curetting surgical and resections, the surgical removal of part or all of an organ or other body structure.

Soft tissue and bone pathology diagnoses are often based on light microscopy. Pathologists may also use a variety of techniques to provide a diagnosis including ancillary studies, immunohistochemistry, or molecular pathology.


North Shore-LIJ pathologists continuously hone their expertise and skills as the department analyzes more than 90,000 specimens annually. Because of the volume of work, our clinical staff develops familiarity with the features of neoplastic legions –abnormal growths- despite their rare occurrence in soft tissue and bone.



Leonard Bernard Kahn, MBBCH

Timely results

Results are usually available within 24 hours after receipt of biopsies. Cases requiring additional work are usually completed within two to three days after receipt of a specimen.