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Faculty and Staff

Mohamed Ahmed, MD, Ph.D
Neonatal Lung Injury
Gene Transfer of Antioxidant Enzyme
Lucy Pereira - Argenziano, MD
Performance Improvement, Quality Assurance
Susana Castro-Alcaraz, MD
Pharmacology, Brain Cooling
Richard Schanler, MD
Neonatal Nutrition
Human Milk and Lactation
Molecular Biology of Lung Disease
Brain Cooling
Jerrold Schlessel, MD
Apnea, Lung Disease
Howard Heiman, MD
Mechanical Ventilation
Transport, Immunology
Regina Spinazzola, MD
Multiple Gestations
Neuro-developmental follow-up
Kavita Kasat, MD
Neonatal Immunology
Andrew Steele, MD
Pulmonary Physiology
Robert Koppel, MD
Cardiovascular Screening
Regional Perinatal Education




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