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Division of Rheumatology and Allergy-Clinical Immunology

Richard Furie, MD 
Chief, Division of Rheumatology and Allergy-Clinical Immunology
Professor of Medicine, Hofstra North Shore – LIJ School of Medicine

Dr. Richard Furie’s interests lie in the management of patients with lupus and Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome. He is particularly active in clinical research aimed at advancing new therapies for rheumatic disease patients. He directs the Division’s clinical research program, the Program in Novel Therapeutics. He has also been quite active with the American College of Rheumatology’s educational committees.

Maria-Louise Barilla-LaBarca, MD
Director, Resident and Student Training in Rheumatology Director, Center for Performing Arts Medicine Director, Gout and Crystalline Arthritis Center Director, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Program Medical Director, Clinical Skills Center for Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine

Dr. Barilla-LaBarca oversees several centers of excellence within the clinical division including the Gout and Crystalline Arthritis Center, the Program in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and the Center for Performance Art Medicine (CPAM). She also is the director for housestaff and medical student education in Rheumatology. Additionally she is Medical Director for the Clinical Skills Center for the Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine. She mentors individuals across training levels in multiple capacities including patient care, research, ultrasound instruction and manuscript preparation.

ABIM status: Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology.

Avram Goldberg, MD
Assistant Professor, Hofstra North Shore – LIJ School of Medicine
Director, The Scleroderma and Raynauds Treatment Center
Director, Gout and Crystalline Arthritis Center

Dr. Avram Goldberg directs the Scleroderma and Raynauds Treatment Center. He is particularly interested in advancing drug development for scleroderma and oversees an active clinical research program in this area. With Dr. LaBarca, he co-directs the Gout and Crystalline Arthritis Center. Dr. Goldberg directs the clinic at North Shore University Hospital.

Diane Horowitz, MD
Assistant Professor, Hofstra North Shore – LIJ School of Medicine
Director, The Arthritis Center
Director, Continuing Medical Education in Rheumatology

Dr. Diane Horowitz focuses her interests on patients with various types of arthritis. She is expanding the Division’s arthritis programs as well as developing community outreach programs. She also directs the Division’s program in continuing medical education. Dr. Horowitz is responsible for 33% of the inpatient teaching and 50% of the outpatient clinic at LIJ.

Galina Marder, MD
Director, The Center for Vasculitis and Inflammatory Muscle Disease

Dr. Marder directly oversees fellow inpatient performed at north Shore University Hospital LIJ Medical Center and outpatient experiences at LIJ rheumatology clinic. She has served as a mentor for previous fellows' research endeavors.

ABIM status: Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology.

Publications (2010-present):

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