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Internal Medicine Residency at NSLIJ Health System

Internal Medicine Residency at NSLIJ Health System

Attention applicants – The North Shore University Hospital and LIJ Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Programs have merged.

We are now listed as NSLIJHS - Hofstra North Shore – LIJ School of Medicine Program in ERAS. If you are interested in applying to the internal medicine residency programs of North Shore or LIJ, please note that you should look for us in ERAS under “N”. Also, we are most pleased to announce our 50/50 ownership of the newly accredited medical school located at Hofstra University. Please call us at (516) 562-2944 if you have any questions.

Message from the Program Director

Thank you for your interest in the Hofstra North Shore- Long Island Jewish School of Medicine Residency Program in Internal Medicine. We take great pride in our 146 residents. They are the heart and soul of the program and the hospital. We seek candidates who will work with enthusiasm and commitment. We would like each houseofficer to feel that the program is a better place to train because of their efforts.

The program is dedicated to delivering state of the art comprehensive care in an environment that is academically rigorous, community oriented, and research intensive. Our residents are supervised by a dedicated full-time faculty of over 150 members who work in all subspecialties of Internal Medicine. We offer fellowships in all 10 fellowship subspecialties, (Cardiology, Pulmonary/CCM, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Palliative Care, Hematology/Oncology).

We offer one-year preliminary positions and three year categorical positions. Our three-year curriculum emphasizes progressive independence among our trainees who graduate feeling confident in their abilities to practice medicine independently. Click here for a complete listing of our fellowship matches.

The two main teaching sites for the medical housestaff are the Sandra Atlas Bass Campus of North Shore University Hospital (NSUH), a 781 bed hospital, and the Long Island Jewish Medical Center (LIJ), a 450-bed hospital. Through both of these medical centers, residents complete their general medical ward, MICU, CCU, Emergency Department and most subspecialty elective experiences. The two hospitals service patient populations from Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. The inpatient medical wards are populated by patients with a broad spectrum of medical and socioeconomic backgrounds, and a broad spectrum of pathology. The program has a robust electronic medical record system that allows for easy retrieval of laboratory, radiology, and interdisciplinary information. All H+P’s, discharge notes, ancillary staff notes and orders are done via our EMR.

Some of the highlights of our curriculum include a unique Continuity Model of Housestaff education where inpatient and outpatient work is protected from each other. In other words, you never have to go to clinic during your floor or unit rotations. Instead, you do 4 weeks of inpatient work and 1 week of outpatient work. No more having to be in 2 places at once, having to rush back from clinic to find a mountain of work waiting for you in the hospital. This system also allows for a bit of rest and recuperation after 4 weeks in the hospital. Finally, housestaff can enjoy their ambulatory experience and focus on their outpatient practice without having to worry about sick inpatients.

We are happy to have structured our 146 residents into 5 firms of about 25 residents each. Each Firm is led by an Associate Program Director who serves in a mentorship capacity. This creates a strong sense of community in our program. Our Medical Admitting Resident rotation allows houseofficers to choose teaching cases that come to the teaching service. No more having to admit whatever comes to the floors. Housestaff decide what they wish to admit. There is a strong emphasis on Evidenced Based Medicine with a four-week EBM course and consultation service. Ambulatory medicine is an excellent opportunity for houseofficers to experience the longitudinal care of patients in a clinic that serves over 20,000 patient visits annually. In addition, we are privileged to have a state-of-the-art Simulation Center where residents can practice procedural skills and practice the acute delivery of care in a safe environment. The PGY-2 retreat allows residents to develop their teaching skills. Research opportunities are easy to come by. Each year our residents submit over 70 abstracts to various national and international meetings and competitions. Please see our section on Research Opportunities for a better understanding of the opportunities you might enjoy. Lastly and importantly, our academic year is filled with numerous social activities which helps promote deep friendships amongst the housestaff.

In this program you will graduate with the ability to provide high quality medical care independently. You will also learn to become outstanding teachers and develop important leadership skills. The Associate Program Directors, Chief Residents and I wish you all well on your professional journey and thank you for your interest in our program.

-Saima Chaudhry, MD MSHS FACP

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